Who is the Eanes Elementary Box Top Coordinator?
Martha Hansen, marthakhansen@gmail.com 

When is the next due date?
You can drop Box Tops at the front office any time! Box Tops are submitted for payment twice a year, in October and February. 

What is the Box Tops for Education Program?
One of EE's long-lasting fundraising programs has been Box Tops for Education. Families are encouraged to look for and purchase qualifying products with the Box Top logos. Clip the Box Tops and collect them on collection sheets. Turn them in to your teacher by the deadlines provided. This is free money for our school! You can ask family and friends to collect Box Tops!

How Do I submit Box Tops?
You can submit Box Tops using this form!

Can I staple Box Tops to the form?
No, please do not staple Box Tops to the form. You may tape or glue them. Please check expirations before taping or gluing.

Can I use the back of my Box Top Form?
No, please do not use the back of the Box Top form. When the form has been completed, start a new form.

Can I add Bonus Box Tops to my form?
No. Please keep any extra Bonus Box Tops separate. You may place them in a Ziploc baggie or a separate envelope. Please be sure to put your name on the outside of the baggie/envelope.

Can I submit expired Box Tops?

No, please toss them. We can't get credit for expired Box Tops.

Where do I turn my Box Tops in? 
Please submit them to your teacher or the school office. Please make sure your name and your teacher's name are on each form you submit. 

How often can we submit Box Tops?
You can submit Box Tops to your teacher all school year. We have two major collections. One in the Fall and one in the Spring. They occur very early in each semester (traditionally late October and February).

How much does Eanes Elementary make on Box Tops? 
Eanes averages roughly $600-$700 a submission/semester. 

Need a collection sheet? Download one here.


There are three ways to earn money for EE through the Box Top program:
  1. Clip Box Tops
  2. Use the NEW APP! https://www.boxtops4education.com/bonusapp 
  3. Bonus Box Tops Promotions – EE earns points just for each family who registers EE as their school If you want to check out some of the games and special promotions, we earn even more points! Register today!


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