Helpful terminology for new Eanes families. Welcome to our school!


Assembly: Every Friday, the children gather in the cafeteria for assembly. This is a fun time where there are announcements, children are recognized, classes perform, etc.  Parents are welcome to attend, and it’s often standing room only.


Carnival: A fall event with games, booths, food and prizes. A cake walk, bingo, carnival games, rock climbing wall, gaming truck and trampolines are samples of what you might see at Carnival!


​​EEF: Acronym for Eanes Education Foundation - the district-wide fundraising organization that fills teaching positions at all Eanes campuses, including Eanes Elementary. This organization is not connected to the EEPTO. 


Evening at Eanes: A spring event held toward the end of the school year in which students showcase art, music, and other works within their classroom and around campus. 

IEC: Acronym for Instructional Enrichment Committee. This committee is part of the Campus Leadership team and includes staff, PTO board members and members of the community. This group reviews purchase requests and approves spending of EEPTO funds.


Lower Car: The circular drop-off and pick-up driveway at the back of Eanes Elementary, typically used for kids in grades PPCD through 2nd grade. Older children are encouraged to use Upper Car.


Movie Night: Hosted in the fall, this is a fun family night where EEPTO brings a movie to the outdoor campus fields on the big screen!  We have a snack bar with drinks and food for purchase.  Families bring blankets and chairs and watch a great movie under the stars.


Mustang Mania: Similar to a Field Day, grades rotate through different physical challenges on the Eanes outdoor fields.


Mustang MIXER: A fun, friendraiser, parents-only, eating, drinking, and dancing party! Considered to be a Parents' Back to School event in which parents can meet up with their old friends, and make some new ones! 100% of the ticket price goes to the EEPTO. 


Room Parent: A volunteer job assigned to one or two parents per class who are in charge of coordinating and sharing a class list with other parents in the class, hosting a kick-off party to meet and greet the parents and kids in your class, collecting funds for teacher gifts throughout the year, and communicating important announcements from the EEPTO.​

Socials: A type of fundraiser. A group of parents come together to host a party called a Social. For example: "3rd Grade Girls Movie Night" or "Dad's Beer and Bowling Night". The group pays for all party expenditures, and sets a ticket price to attend the party - anywhere from $20 to $150 per ticket depending on the event. Socials are then announced at Mustang Mixer and Carnival on sign-up sheets. Parents can sign up and pay to attend the party. 100% of the ticket price goes to the EEPTO. 

Specials: Each student rotates through "specials" which are Art, Music, and PE. Each class is assigned a rotating schedule labeled A, B, or C days. For example, your child might have Music on an A day, Art on a B day and PE on a C day. The schedule is always posted on the Eanes Elementary home page calendar.

S.T.E.A.M. Day: A special day of education and fun dedicated to STEAM which is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math 


​Upper Car: The drop-off and pick-up car line in the front driveway of Eanes Elementary, typically used for kids in grades 3rd through 5th grade. Younger children are encouraged to use Lower Car.


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